In view of the rising online threats, you must have an adequate security system. The threat of spammers in the future is necessary to provide adequate protection measures. If you fail to take any preventive action, it might be a situation where your data gets stolen and somebody might use it for their own vested interest.


So, how do you go about keeping your Facebook account secure from spammers? Well, it is a straightforward process and does not necessarily translate into a complicated procedure.




Here are 5 ways to secure your Facebook account.


1. Change your password - By changing your password, you have a chance to prevent the spammers from hacking into your account. It is advised to reset the password on a regular basis, so ass to have complete security to your account.


2. Make use of two-factor authentication - By enabling two-factor authentication, you are adding an extra layer of security. This is a more secure medium, as it requires you to have a special security code that is yours.


3. Review your account activity and try removing spam - Try to check your login history Always try to remove all the third-party apps, which you have installed and are of no use. Make sure to delete any unwanted post or pages that you have not created.


4. Never accept a friend request from people you do not know - Spammers do try to create fake profiles, in a bid to send a friend request. So, what do you think you do not really know.


5. Try to stay away from suspicious links - For security reasons, you must never click on any suspicious link. In case, you feel that the link is suspicious, make sure to report it.


You can also take additional security measures as you go online. It is only by giving prominence to security that you have a chance to protect the security account.


If you are in some serious doubt and do not really know where to begin, then the ideal solution would be to consult the experts. On That front, you can contact the third-party and reliable Facebook support and speak to a technician, Who can shed some more light on the matter.


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